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5 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Day Pass By Easier

We all experience that drawing out of days and the insufferable torture of having a day that never ends. You can become restless and impatient. Sometimes those days tend to turn into weeks, and before you know it you’ve sunken into a rut, a rut that you struggle to come out of. You try hard to change the way your day is going. You kick and punch, trying to claw your way out your hole, but like quicksand, the more you struggle the further you sink back in. So you go on a mass text messaging spree, reaching out to all your friends for advice on how you can get out of this rut, but their advice doesn’t seem to be doing to for you. Yes, it’s a precise picture, but we’ve all been there.  Life changes with the tides. One day you’re going to ride the wave, and another you’re going to be drowning underneath the tidal waves of emotion. But don’t worry, because there are ways you can maneuver past those days, and make them calmer on yourself. Here are 5 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Day Pass By Easier.

#5- Spend Less Time on Social Media

Social media is a fun and practical tool for spending your time throughout the day, catching up on random content and people. But too much time on social media can go from time spent to time being wasted. Also, just like everything else in life, too much of something can have you feeling intoxicated. Spending too much time on social media will have a drunk-like effect on your mind and body, making you feel mentally down and emotionally spent. If you’re going through those days where you feel like the day will just not end, then a wise way to put aside the anxiety is to put away the social media. Try immersing yourself in other forms of content. Maybe opt for reading a book or watching a lighthearted movie. Or even better, go out for a walk and occupy your mind with nature and the outdoors. You’ll find that staying off social media after being on it for so long will go a long way in making you feel calmer and at ease.

#4- Start Exercising and Working Out

One reason your day is not passing by much quicker is because you have a lot of free time during your day. The best thing you can do is to plug up some of those free time slots, with activities and plans that help the day go by faster and quicker. The best way to do that is to allocate an hour or two every day to exercising and working out. This decision will have huge benefits to it. First of all, you’ll be chopping away at some of the free time that was once daunting to your daily schedule. Second, exercising and working out have huge positive effects on a person’s mindset and demeanor. It has been shown that exercising works well in diminishing anxiety and stress and releasing dopamine, making you feel happier, calmer, more relaxed, and healthy. Also, exercising and working out on your fitness helps give your day a purpose, and make you look forward to something throughout the day and week. Instead of just waiting for the day to end, you begin to look forward to that hour you have every day where you can let loose all that stored up energy you’ve been carrying around all day.

#3- Make Use of Your Free Time at Work

For some people, very rarely is the rigorous and solid schedule of their working hours occupied to the maximum extent. Meaning, a lot of people find themselves with a lot of free time, sitting at their desk at work, with not much to do. A reason why is because it’s pretty difficult to fully occupy the 9-5 work time schedule with work and productivity. So if you find yourself with a lot of free time at work, try to make use of that free time, as you would if you were at home. A good way to do this is to get some extra work done during that time, thus removing less work for you at a future date. Or instead, you can try to work on a personal side project, or a hobby or passion. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you invest those extra minutes or hours towards something seamless and easy to do, so that the time spent passes quickly and with you noticing.

#2- Plan Your Day Ahead

A good way to move past the emptiness of a day is to plan ahead for the day you have in store. A positive perk from planning your day is that you tend to paint a picture of how you perceive that day going. By doing so, you anticipate the periods of the day where you have a lot of free time on your hand, and so you can allocate an activity or errand in them. That way you occupy yourself more, which will bold well in making the day pass by faster.

#1- Try to Do Something New Everyday

If you find yourself bored beyond belief, or that the days have become so long with no end in sight, then plan on trying something new every day. This something new can be anything. It can be a new activity like learning a sport or going on a hike. It can be something simple like trying a new restaurant or going and exploring a new neighborhood or area. Whatever you decide on doing, make sure it’s something you haven’t tried before, or tried but not fully experienced. That way, you’ll be trying something for the first time, and getting the joy that comes with a new experience. Doing this regularly will those days pass by quicker, and will give you an extra fun thing to do with your free time.


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