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DVC Resale: How Much is the Disney Vacation Club?

The Disney Vacation Club officially opened in December of 1991, although it had been in the works for roughly two years by then. Practically since its conception, though, people have questioned the value of the Club. 

Is it really worth it to invest in the Disney Vacation Club? How much is the Disney Vacation Club? What if I’ve already invested in the DVC, but don’t want to be part of it anymore?

The truth is that the situation is complicated and there isn’t a definitive answer as to whether the Club is worth it or not. We’ll discuss a few of the specifics in this article so that you can decide for yourself.

How the Disney Vacation Club Works

The Disney Vacation Club is a slight twist on the timeshare business model. However, instead of being assigned a certain time to stay at the resort, you’re given a certain dollar amount in the form of DVC points to spend on lodgings at the resort. This all comes at the one-time price of about $30,000.

The lowest-priced package offers 155 points per year. Each point is worth between $75 and $150, so your investment will pay off quickly if you use all your points.

Potential Drawbacks

This is where the issue lies, though, because not everybody is going to spend $10,000 to $20,000 on a Disney vacation each year. The average person pays roughly $6,600 per year at most. 

Even among those who use Disney regularly, you likely won’t benefit from the Vacation Club unless you stay in some of the resort’s more luxurious offerings. This is especially true, because while the initial price is a one-time payment, there are maintenance fees that you’ll be responsible for each year.

Resale Value

Unfortunately, some people don’t realize the full scope of a Disney Vacation Club investment, or perhaps something comes up and they no longer have the opportunity to use many of their vacation points each year. Whatever the case, many people find themselves needing to get out of the DVC, and one of the best ways to do that is to resell their membership.

DVC resales are complex, though, and often quite nuanced. Fortunately, the link above can answer some of the most common questions about resale.

Keep in mind that you won’t make a profit or break even when selling. Resale is about getting away from the investment before you lose money.  For buyers, this is great news because resale memberships are often significantly cheaper than buying a new one.

How Much is the Disney Vacation Club?

How much is the Disney Vacation Club? The simple answer is that it’s about $30,000 up-front plus a few yearly fees.

However, there are a lot of things this doesn’t take into account, like the significantly lower price of buying a membership resale. It also doesn’t discuss the practicality of the investment or whether you’re likely to use the points you paid for.

The simple answer is that for many people, the Disney Vacation Club costs far too much. If you’re a massive fan of Disney who likes to visit the parks every year and live in luxury while doing so, the DVC is perfect.

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