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How to Get Tickets for Sold Out Shows in New York

Do you regularly watch all sold out shows in New York City?

The live entertainment industry took a backseat last year, but health restrictions are now starting to ease up. People are coming back to concert halls and other venues.

As the tickets to the hottest shows sell out fast, how do you get one for yourself? Continue reading below for some valuable tips for securing an entry to the biggest New York City events.

Through Websites of Sold Out Shows 

Before the current health situation, Broadway broke box office records. It also meant securing the best tickets became more competitive than ever.

The first place to go when buying tickets for sold out shows in New York is the box office. Check the specific theater for the ticket-selling schedules. Broadway shows usually sell tickets around 10 AM.

Request the box office personnel to find the best available tickets for the show. Ask them to include the rush and standing room availability.

Ticketing Sites Also Work

If you don’t live in New York City, official ticketing sites are your next best bet. Go to the show’s official website. Buy tickets using a credit card or other payment channels.

Even if you already live in New York City, buying online has many benefits.  You can avoid waiting in long box office lines.

Online booking also lets you secure your seat months ahead of the show. It buys you more time to plan your schedule for the day of the show.

Lastly, you’ll pick the seats you want. You can enjoy the best views of the stage if you book earlier than others.

Search Engines Help

Don’t lose hope if the websites of New York’s top Broadway shows run out of tickets. Visit some trusted ticket search engines.

Some of the leading ticket search engines let you compare ticket prices from various sites. It allows you to find the best available seats at the most competitive prices.

If you’re not from the city, have a New York City map on your smartphone. It’s especially handy during the day of the show. Track the latest New York City news for any changes.

Click for more of the best Broadway deals around.

Standing Room Tickets

If you’re desperate to catch a show but ran out of good seats, settle for a standing room ticket. As the name implies, the ticket won’t garner a seat. Instead, you have to stand in an area until the usher leads you to a vacant seat during intermission. 

Discover More of New York City Now

Enjoying sold out shows in New York City becomes easier if you know how to get your tickets. Secure them as early as you can. It allows you to get the best seats and arrange your schedule accordingly.

Regardless, even if enjoying New York City at night isn’t your preference, you have a lot of other great options.

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