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Legal Facts You Should Know About Getting a Fake Diploma Online

Sometimes you lose things, whether that be moving to another home, in a simple misplacement of belongings, or they get messed up or destroyed.

This can include personal items that can be important, like resumes or even diplomas. When you lose your diploma, it might be a hassle to replace it, but luckily you can buy a fake diploma online to replace the one you lost.

However, is it legal to buy and own a fake college diploma? Here is a quick guide to the legality of fake diplomas.

What are Fake Diplomas?

Just as you might have guessed, fake diplomas are non-original certificates that are made to look like the ones you received from your alma mater, whether that be high school, college, or post-graduate studies.

They can act as a worthy alternative to duplicates of your diploma that you have to ask your school for. Sometimes the school may not have your records on hand, or they might be lost. 

When this happens, you can look to buy a fake diploma as a replacement.

So are Fake Diplomas Illegal?

The short answer is… it’s complicated. Buying a fake diploma sits well within a legal gray area despite the problems they have been causing.

Here are some of the examples of why they can be both legal and illegal.

When Fake Diplomas are Legal

Fake diplomas are not illegal to purchase and own. Their legality is called into question, based upon the intention of usage by whoever bought it. 

Buying, selling, and having a fake high school diploma will not have you sent to prison. So As long as you aren’t using it for manipulative, coercive, or fraudulent activities, you should have no problems.

Some people use them as props for film scenes. Others a just for fun; these are certainly not illegal.

When Fake Diplomas are Illegal

On the flip side, it becomes serious when you use a fake diploma for false advertisement.

Obviously, you cannot use a fake diploma to advertise yourself as more educated or more experienced than you actually are. This is considered fraud, and you can face jail time for committing this crime.

Depending on the state, there may also be other local laws regarding the usage of fake diplomas in professional settings that you aren’t aware of.

To avoid this situation, be sure to stay abreast of your local city and state laws regarding them. You can learn more about this here.

Get a Fake Diploma Online

Getting a fake diploma online is not a difficult process, nor is it unethical or unprofessional to buy as long as it is still truthful. Once you cross that line, then there’s no going back.

However, as a means to replace the one you lost, it’s an affordable and effective alternative to calling your alma mater for a new one to see if they even still have it on record. 

Don’t worry yourself with all that; get a fake diploma online today. 

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