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3 Key Points to Consider While Developing A Perfect Travel App

When it comes to setting up a travel trip, travellers depend on their smartphones more than ever. As per the statistics on Statista, the primary reasons to download a travel application to a mobile phone was 64 percent to search for flights/accommodation, 52 percent to book flights/accommodation online, and 38 percent to check-out flight status.

So travel app development is a niche to bring investments in the travel industry and ease travel bookings for customers. However, if you want to develop a big-time travel application, you require cautiously selecting the business revenue model, best features, and deciding on the technology stacks.

In this travel app development guide, we are sorting out Travel Management Software and Travel Software Solution functionalities from how they work to how to make a winning travel app, along with how much it will cost to you.

Here are 3 Key Points to Consider while Building a Perfect Travel App

  1. Revenue Models 
  2. Exclusive & Trendy Features 
  3. Tech Stack Utilized


  1. Deciding on Revenue Model of the Travel Industry Software Solution

There are three diverse revenue models for travel application development:

  • Merchant Model 

In this model, the platform buys travel inventory and then resells them to numerous guests. Taking the example of Expedia, it rents hotel rooms in bulk amounts, and so hotels can provide low-cost deals to customers. Moreover, the merchant model bundles and extends its sales deals to airfares, car rentals, and other travel services.

  • Commission Fees Model

For small-sized hotels, they don’t have the marketing and advertising budgets as big-sized chains do. This scenario means their chance to be profitable is by attracting traveller to get listed on large-sized resources portal such as

In this model, companies that created a travel application will set commission rates from every transaction. Taking the example of, it charges from 10 percent to 30 percent of each online booking made.

  • Advertising Model

The advertising model is a cost-effective model used by small agents who want to develop a travel app. You can showcase ads related to hotels, tour operators, airline advertisements, and even sell advertising space to companies in a similar industry. This model steers TripAdvisor.


  1. Covering Exclusive & Trendy Features for Travel App Development 

Here are the most significant features your travel app should have to rank out others.

  • Geo-Tracking Services

After dropping at a specific travel destination, the foremost thing that a tourist wants to check out is a restaurant, hotel, or a local attraction. So, your travel application should have a GPS feature to track your locality, and swiftly fetch results. 

  • In-App Language Translator

In most scenarios, tourists are not much familiar with a local language and face issues to communicate. The in-app language translator feature lets travellers scan texts for visual translations and translate voice data and text.

  • Currency Converter

With this feature, you should not require to look beyond your travel application to know the currency exchange rates. This functionality can track existing and past variations in currency rates. 

  • World Clock Time Converter

The diverse time zones lead to confusion for travellers. With this feature, you can monitor the precise alterations in clock times globally.

  1. Tech Stack for Building Travel Tech App Solution

Modern-day technologies are versatile for making travel applications run seamlessly and load faster. Below are the details of a project development stack across iOS, Android, and web platforms:

  • App Development

The most advanced app development technologies include Swift, Java 7, and many more.           

  • Web Tools

The most used web tools include JavaScript, Angular.js, Node.js, Sequelize and Passport.js.

  • Testing

The testing resources comprise GitLab, Crashlytics, Jira, and Confluence.

  • 3rd Party Services

These services include Facebook, Google Sign-in, and Google Maps API.

  • Release

The release technologies include AWS, EC2, S3, App Store, and Google Play.

Development Cost of a Travel Software Solution 

The cost of travel software development depends on the overall development hours. Our business analysts have approximately estimated that travel app development for iOS and Android takes around 2,072 hours.

So, the overall pricing of travel app development will fall between $103,600 and $207,200, based on charges per hour for different locations.

Wrapping Up 

As a primary Travel Tech Software Development company, we think that the best selection of Revenue Models, Features, and Tech Stack will score up your travel application some highly favoring points when matched your technology solution to others.

Whether a travel organization or a Travel App Development Company is involved with innovative business plans, everything links to these 3 key critical points discussed in this blog post. At Techtic Solutions, we are a top Travel Tech App Development company, and you can hire travel app developers or hire a travel software developer’s team through us.


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