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Learn Core Pillars Of Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become a significant business happening place for both B2B and B2C marketing. This is mainly due to the consistently rising user base of social applications. However, like any other medium, specific tactics have to be followed to generate leads on social platforms. Here we showcase the measures that will help you in taking advantage of this social application.

The Growth Of Ephemeral Content:

Ephemeral Content has become a part of almost every primary social application. Ephemeral Content is the short duration videos that are available for only a specific duration. Instagram Stories is an ideal example of ephemeral Content. This feature can be used to let people know about new updates. For example, let us presume that you have an apparel brand and have launched a new apparel type. The stories section will help in making your followers know about the latest apparel type. The stories section is known for its higher engagement rate than the standard posts. Hence, if you announce an update on the stories section, possibilities are high for many people to see it. Thus, the stories section is the perfect medium to break your echo chamber and let your followers know about new updates and to make important announcements.

The ability to sustain your follower base on social platforms will play a key role in enhancing your social sales. You have to interact with your followers consistently to stop them from moving towards your competitors. Stories will work effectively for interactions. You can launch quizzes, polls, and make exciting posts using interactive stickers on the stories section. Such moves will tighten your bond with your followers. Stories section across all major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn possesses a good engagement rate. So, make use of this feature to enhance your social sales. Services like Trollishly also helps you in generating quality leads on social platforms. 

The Growing Importance For Short Duration Content:  

The consumption of short duration content has been increasing rapidly across all the social platforms. Generation Z, which is the prominent purchasing age group, is most fond of short duration videos. The majority of the e-commerce companies are having a large part of their sales through Generation Z. Hence, these short-duration videos can be used as a medium to enhance your brand awareness. The best example of the growing importance of short-duration videos is Instagram reels. It was launched globally on August 5. Ever since Instagram reels was launched, its consumption rate has been increasing at a rapid pace. These videos, which last only for a maximum of 15 seconds, have turned into a huge hit. Instagram users, especially Generation Z, have been showing great interest in Instagram reels. 

Recent surveys have noted that Instagram users are moving to reels soon after they open Instagram. This shows how this feature has glued with people. So, if  Generation Z is your target audience, take advantage of the short-duration videos to grab their attention. One of the vital challenges you will encounter with this video format is that you must admire the viewer within this short duration. If you can do so, you could easily uplift your brand’s reputation on social platforms. 

Find Your Influencer: 

Influencer marketing is playing a huge role across all the dominant social platforms. They act as a channel in uplifting the popularity of a brand on a social platform. So, you can use influencers to maximize your social sales. If you choose a perfect influencer for your brand, then you can quickly skyrocket your brand presence on social platforms. Today, influencer marketing has become more crucial than ever before. All the leading social applications have many influencers categorized as micro, mini, and macro-influencers based on their follower base. You must consider various aspects before going with an influencer, such as his follower base, whether his followers will have an interest in your product, the influencer’s reputation among his followers, and most importantly, the quality of the Content provided by him. Such moves will help you in excelling in influencer marketing. 

One of the major factors you must consider in influencer marketing is choosing influencers in the same niche. For instance, if you are promoting a protein shake, it will be ideal to collaborate with the bodybuilders on Instagram. The majority of their followers will be the people who will look to build their body physique. So, promoting your product through them will facilitate the process of reaching your target audience. 

Considering the hardship for brands in choosing the influencers, Instagram has come up with the Instagram influencer dashboard, which gives detailed insights into the influencers. This has eased the process of decision-making in selecting the influencer. The dashboard will offer details such as the approximate charge levied by an influencer, his posts’ performance and his interaction with his followers, etc. Such data will help you in finding the influencer who could easily fit you. 

User-generated Content:

User-generated Content is powerful than all other marketing tactics. Hence, by using this tactic, you could quickly gain your prospects’ trust and turn them into your customers. Let me demystify what user-generated Content is for you. It is the feedback from your customers. If you are having a restaurant and looking to drive new customers, you can take advantage of this tactic. Just ask any of your long-time customers with whom you maintain a genuine relationship to make an Instagram post on how much he loves your service. Share the post to your restaurants’ Instagram handle. 

This will bring trust in your restaurant among the viewers. Hence, user-generated Content will help you largely in generating quality leads effortlessly. If you post your customers’ appreciation post in the stories section, possibilities are high for the post to get viewed by many people. So, make use of the features that are available on social platforms in a wiser manner.   

Final Thoughts:

The future of B2C marketing is predicted to rely on social platforms. Brands are racing against each other to gain customers on social applications. Thus, social applications have become more of a commercial medium. You can achieve your goals if you have a good understanding of how every platform works and by framing strategy accordingly. 

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