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How to Organize Medical Records

Did you know that a doctor visit generates 13 documents of new medical records on average? All of this paper and information can be overwhelming to deal with, especially since the average person has 4 doctor’s visits a year. Don’t worry, we have come up with ways to help you with this problem.

We have created tips on how to keep medical records organized, which include categories, storage places, and tools. All these methods used cohesively will ensure your organization.

Continue reading to find out more about the methods and how to organize medical records.


When approaching an organization method for medical records, you should break down the documents into categories. This technique allows for quick and easy access to your desired records. Here is a list of potential categories: 

  • Medical Expenses/ Billing
  • Immunization Records
  • Doctor Visits
  • Insurance Documents
  • Prescriptions

Dividing your medical records into categories can also help make the most of your doctor visits. Since your history is easily accessible, you will be able to answer any of the hospital or doctor’s questions with ease. 

Individual Folders

Another way to store your medical record categories is using individual folders. The individual folder will keep the medical records from mixing since the categories will have their distinct placement.

To avoid grabbing the wrong folder you can make each category a different color. Different folder colors will decrease your time looking, and overall, it’s just more convenient.

3-Ring Binder

An option to organize the different categories is to create a medical record binder. Within the binder, you can place tabs within it. Your tabs are the category lists that you have created.

An excellent tool to create unique custom tabs is Tabshop. Tabshop allows you to make your own tab labels and colors to maximize organization. These tab dividers have long-term usage due to their durability.

Filing Cabinet

If you’re looking for a sturdy way to secure your medical records, consider storing them in a filing cabinet. This is a fantastic option for someone who enjoys having physical copies of their medical records. A great option for storing 3-ring binders or individual folders.

Not only are they durable but filing cabinets can provide you with security. You can protect your private and sensitive information by locking it away in a filing cabinet.


For individuals who are tech-savvy, storing medical records online can be a great organizational tool. Organizing your medical records online is also an excellent way to eliminate paper pileup and reduce paper usage. This is probably the least costly and time-consuming option for organizing.

You may be wondering how you can gain this information online. Well, some medical facilities offer patient health portals. There you can save and download your medical information to your desktop.

Learn More About How to Organize Medical Records

We hope you learned how to categorize, store, and organize your medical records. Each of our tips has its own benefits and we hope you find what works best for you.

If you enjoyed reading about how to organize medical records, check out our other blogs. We cover a variety of topics from finance to products to keep you guys informed. 


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