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Solar Energy Cost vs. Regular Electricity Cost : Which One Is Cheaper?

Did you know that using solar energy can save you as much as 90% every month on your electric bills? This is why domestic solar panel installation is a great way to transform the way you use energy and cut costs. As the movement for green homes has grown, the cost of using clean energy has gone down drastically. 

The largest obstacle in a full switch to solar energy is the start-up costs. Keep reading to learn more about solar energy costs and financial incentive programs designed to curb this expense. 

Impact of Solar Panel Installation 

Domestic solar systems convert the energy from the sun into usable and storable electricity. When a solar panel system is installed it is positioned in order to absorb the most sunlight possible. 

You can see how impactful a solar system will be for your home by compiling your utility bills from the past year. Once you do this you can calculate your annual energy usage by adding the sum of kilowatt-hours (kWh). Then you can compare this total with your home’s solar potential by using a sun mapping tool. 

Financial Incentives for Solar 

The government has created solar tax credit systems to help promote green energy use. Corporate and government entities have seen the positive impact of renewable energy use so are eager to devise plans to incentivize the switch. 

Because incentive programs vary from state to state you need to do your due diligence to seize all of the financial opportunities available. Whether it is a rebate, tax break, or stipend there is financial support available to you.  

Save on Your Electric Bill 

Switching to solar can help you save money in the long term. Once you have paid off your solar system and the cost of installation, you will be one step closer to becoming energy independent. Check out this website to get connected to a solar installation company. 

Depending on your home’s solar potential you can either slash or entirely cut out your monthly electric bill. Plus, if your solar system produces excess energy you can even store it in batteries for later or sell it back to your electric company. 

Boost Your Home Value 

Investing in a solar system is a great way to increase the value of your home. Not only will the impact help you when you are still the homeowner, but when you got to list your house it will increase your home value and profit in the resale process. In addition, federal incentives free you from paying the increased property taxes don’t he added value.  

Solar Energy Cost

As solar energy continues to grow in popularity, partnerships from the public and private sectors will help to drive start-up costs down. Over the past decade alone we have seen how additional research and incentive programs have drastically lowered the price of solar to make it even more affordable. 

Once you overcome the costs of installation, you will begin making dividends back by cutting your utilities each month. Make the switch if you are interested in investing in your clean energy solution. 

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