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4 Must-Have Tissot Watches Collections

Tissot is a top brand that offers elegant and sophisticated collections of watches. Its timepieces have everything you could ever want, from attractive designs to complicated features inside the watch, such as date functions or waterproofing. 

Tissot has many different models for your every need, like durable sporty ones with silicone straps up to eye-catching classic pieces made in 18K rose gold plating, all available on Watchshopping! In this article, we’ll give you a run-down on the four best Tissot watches. You’ll know the perfect model to get for yourself or for your loved one. So, keep reading to find out more!


  • Tissot T-Classic T129.407.16.051.00 Dream Swissmatic Leather Men’s Watch


The Tissot Dream Swissmatic Leather Men’s Watch is a stylish and versatile piece of jewelry. It features the excellent T-12 1/2’ caliber with accurate self-winding movements, satisfying 19 jewels. Plus, this watch also has water resistance for up to five bars of 50 meters! This timepiece will last you many years without needing any repairs or service because of its top-class craftsmanship in Switzerland.

A Tissot watch is not only an excellent representation of high-end timepieces, but it also has a pleasing design outside with its scratch-resistant sapphire front glass. The black dials are uniquely designed, and the steel hands show off the hours precisely so you’ll never be late to meet friends or family for dinner!


  • Tissot T-Sport T116.407.11.051.00 Swissmatic Stainless Steel Men’s Watch


The Tissot T116.407.11.051 is the perfect watch for someone who wants something classic and timeless with a touch of modernity in their design collection! This stunning piece features unique yet sophisticated aesthetic designs that would keep any wrist looking elegant while also being 100% waterproof, so you never have to worry about ruining your new timepiece by coming into contact with water again!

The Tissot Men’s Swissmatic Stainless Steel Watch is economically priced, boasting a clean and simple look with some added flair. The watch features excellent complications and an automatic movement that has 19 jewels for increased precision. This caliber also offers 72 hours of power reserve or three days on one wind plus 100 meters of water resistance.


  • Tissot Tissot T-Sport T116.407.36.051.01 Swissmatic Men’s Leather Watch


The Tissot Tissot T-Sport T116.407.36.051.01 Swissmatic Men’s Leather Watch is for those who want to go the extra mile. Made with a stainless steel case, sapphire glass front cover, and leather straps in a sleek brown color, this watch is perfect for everyday use and casual occasions. 

The face includes simple index-type hour markers that are easy to read at any time of day while also including luminous hands, which make it easier to see during challenging times like low light or when wearing sunglasses, so you’ll never have an excuse not knowing what time it is!

The Tissot brand has been an award-winning house for over 150 years with a reputation that is unparalleled. The newest timepiece in their lineup, the T116.407.36 05 1 01, is sure to be another winner as it features all the best qualities you could want like durability and attractive aesthetics while also boasting excellent complications such as power reserve up to 72 hours or three days plus water resistance at 10 bars (100 meters).


  • Tissot T-Classic T127.407.16.051.01 Powermatic Silicium Men’s Watch


This Tissot watch is perfect for a man who prefers to look professional. The handsome black dial has hour markers and hands in silver-tone, making this a great accessory when you need to impress your boss or coworkers at meetings with formal attire on hand. This timepiece comes with two brown leather straps that will be durable enough for any occasion!

The Tissot Men’s Watch is perfect for the man who wants a classy and classic watch. Not only does it come with an impressive dial, but it also has stainless steel casing that can resist scratches (and other types of damage) thanks to its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal on the front. The back features glass instead so that you can see all those intricate details up close as well! 

Plus, this masterpiece runs off Powermatic self-winding caliber, which means water resistance will not be an issue when wearing your new accessory out in heavy rains or even accidental splashes from washing hands after dinner at home. This has 80 hours of power reserve too.


Tissot knows that its customers are always looking for stylish timepieces from a dependable brand. That’s why some of Tissot’s top watch models come with very affordable prices, which is perfect for anyone who is on the lookout for aesthetic designs and precise-driven calibers in their wristwatch.

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