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Buyer’s Guide:  5 Iconic Nomos Watches For Women

Many women have diverse fashion preferences to portray themselves and be attractive. Most of them are addicted to wristwatches. A timepiece, in their opinion, conveys more glamour and elegance. The easiest way to express yourself is to choose a fitting luxury wristwatch that best fits your style and fashion statement.

Selecting a suitable wristwatch for you is crucial to achieving beauty in your overall ensemble. When it comes to luxury wristwatches, Tissot Watch Collection is a top-of-the-line brand that is the best and most popular. We’ve narrowed down the latest and finest luxury wristwatches for women to help you settle on your next timepiece buy. 


  • Nomos Glashütte Ludwig 33 Silver/Leather 32.8mm


The Nomos Glashütte 244 is a watch from the Ludwig 33 Silver/Leather 32.8mm series by Nomos Glashütte. It features a white silver-plated, galvanized dial with blue Roman numerals and steel tempered blue minute paws. A second scale is marked on a subdial on the watch. The watch’s case is made of steel and measures 32.8 mm in diameter.

The watch is attached to a beige velour leather strap with a button clasp. It also has a manual winding caliber that, when fully utilized, has a 43-hour power reserve. It has a rectangular appearance and a diameter of 32.8 mm, making it suitable for women of medium and large size. Overall, it is a fine watch that can be added to anyone’s collection.


  • Nomos Glashütte Orion 33 Champagne Silver/Leather 32.8mm


The Nomos Glashütte Orion is a watch that embodies flawless elegance, flawless precision, and exceptional performance. The dial is deceptively flat, timelessly graceful, and sophisticated, with an aesthetic built to achieve perfection. 

It is a masterfully made blend of silver and leather that is highly reliable and immune while maintaining its ethereal charm in even the harshest conditions. It has a reserve of 43 hours when fully utilized. The watch’s stunning champagne hue perfectly completes the masterpiece, making it indeed a work of art.


  • Tetra Manual-winding White Dial 29.5mm Ladies Watch


The Nomos Glashütte 408 is a relaxed watch style from the Tetra Manual-winding White Dial 29.5mm Ladies Watch range. It has an angular exterior and traditional inner values: You either fell in love with Tetra right away or never because if you do, you’ll have this watch for the rest of your life.

There are no frills, and the dial is white silver-plated with tempered blue paws. The squared watch dial style is for people who have a lot of personalities. Iron is used to encase the watch and is a symbol of power and longevity. This watch’s caliber is a manually wound Alpha type, which allows the reserve to last for 43 hours.


  • Nomos Glashütte Orion Silver/Leather 35mm


This model guarantees and offers true perfection to its customers. This level of excellence can be seen in the company’s series, including the Orion watch collection. It’s from the Orion series and offers far more than just style perfection.

It offers total perfection in all facets of skilled watchmaking to the wearer. The watch’s white dial seems plain at first glance, but it has a grace that no one else can equal. The appealing dial features beautifully marked indexes and blue hands, which bring charm to the watch’s face. Its black leather band will bring a level of comfort to the watch’s overall style.


  • Ludwig Neomatik Champagne Automatic Champagne Dial 36.0mm Ladies Watch


Rhodium-plated paws complement the champagne gold-plated galvanized dial of the Nomos Glashütte 283. It measures 36.0 mm in diameter and fits easily on the wrists of mid-sized women. The watch is fastened with a button clasp to a brown velour leather case. It has a circular shape and a glass back.

Stainless steel is used to make the watch, and is a durable and long-lasting material. The caliber in this watch is a DUW 3001 automatic, which has a reserved time of up to 43 hours if used wounded. It also has a 30-meter water resistance rating. Overall, it’s a fantastic timepiece that belongs in the collection of every watch enthusiast.


The Nomos Glashütte watch collection will continue to be an excellent choice; with their superb quality and luxury watches, it’s no surprise that they’re one of today’s most popular brands. 

Still, before any purchase, consider whether your next timepiece can be helpful in your daily activities and can be easily combined with your personal style. Also, before determining whether or not it is a successful purchase, make sure to read the descriptions thoroughly.


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