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Patek Philippe: The Real Epitome of Time

Horology best deals with the capacity of a person to manage and handle time efficiently. There is no ideal way to do it but to have a watch that can serve as an instrument. A lot of brands and styles are coming in the way. The field of watch is being bombarded with lots of innovation and progress. But, there is one brand that stays on lead and this is the Patek Philippe. 

Are you a fan of Patek Philippe and looking to add the next luxury watch to your collection? Then the 5712R is an ideal prospect. Since we are also excited to reveal everything you need to know about it, we will not bite around the bush and get straight to the key aspect. So, read on as we explore the finer points of this legendary masterpiece.

Let’s start off with the aesthetics. The Nautilus 5712R for sale is a fusion of three notable elements that the Swiss watchmaker is famous for: technical prowess, cutting-edge design, and their passion for rose gold. Thus, even its strap comes with an 18ct rose gold fold-over clasp.

What brings Patek Philippe to the industry?

Patek Philippe focuses on great and good craftsmanship. This enables them to lead and stay on top of the watch industry for many decades. 

For a long time, this watch became a basis for social status. It entices people to invest in their brand because of its growing popularity. They started in 1902 and set its progress that it could create various forms and styles of the watch.

The brand offers almost 200 models. Their uniqueness lies in doing almost the entire structure of a watch. Another thing that distinguishes the brand from others is the durability of materials. The brand usually used platinum and gold that come in different colors. 

How much does it cost to have a Patek Philippe?

Patek Philippe is a brand of flawless watches. The fact that it is an independent manufacturer suggests its brand costs a lot.  The Grand Complications is the most expensive Patek Philippe watch model. Its cost is about $580,000 and features a unique characteristic. 

 Opposingly, the Golden Ellipse is the cheapest watch model of Patek Philippe. It comes with a rose gold feature. And, it takes about $5,200 to have it. Because of the increasing demand for stocks of watches, the price is increasing significantly. This leads to more investment of people in the brand. Quality is in its name and structure. So, making it a little more expensive than usual will make it worth buying the watch. 

What are the most popular collections of Patek Philippe watches?

Among the original collections and models of the brand, two stay on top. The Nautilus and Calatrava became the bestsellers of the brand. Since the day of creation, Nautilus is the best one being patronized by the citizens. It is the first-ever steel watch for men of Patek Philippe. 

Calatrava produces and showcases the elegance of a watch by its inspiration. The Bauhaus design serves as the embodiment of this model. There is no such thing that can surpass the elegance it has. These two collections bring the brand into high popularity. The complications of the structure and design ensure an excellent quality of the brand.

What makes Patek Philippe Calatrava an iconic one?

This watch model is one of the finest and quality watches of the brand. It both represents the classic and elegant style. This watch model serves as the best Patek Philippe watch for men. And, because of its progress, it extends to provide a model for women. 

Calatrava suits any occasion but an ideal one in the extravagant event. It comes in various colors. The price ranges depending on the movements of the watch model. The cost can come across between $23,000 to $29,000. But, the most expensive one costs about $120,000 in which it features a platinum material. 

Why is Nautilus the best sports watch?

It is the best representation of a sports watch for the brand. Porthole serves as the inspiration for the design and structure. Because of the high demand of the market, the model usually comes as stainless steel. 

As time passes, the inspiration of design changes like the case materials. Nowadays, it has different complications. It may vary as rose gold, yellow gold, or white. Its chronograph function best describes the reason it is an ideal sports watch. The most expensive Nautilus lies about $218,000. This model is not only meant for men but also for women. 

What are the different models of the Patek Philippe watch?


  • Aquanaut



This somehow shares some similarities with Nautilus. But, it is more on modern design and inspiration. It is resistant to water and resistant to UV radiation. It is durable in quality as it is defiant to damage. 


  • Complications



This watch gives service that is beyond by giving time only. It possessed extra capabilities that make it more of an ideal one. It is the model that costs a wide range of price. 


  • Grand Complications


This one serves as the best model of the brand. This is the one that represents an asset and pride of the brand’s collection. It possessed almost 20 impeccable complications. This is not only for usage. It also gives a lasting appeal when worn. 


  • Twenty~4


This model serves as the feminine collection of the brand. It can be a circular or rectangular one as a case. This collection is where the cheapest models of Patek Philippe lies. 


  • Golden Ellipse


This model features an elliptical case. They put in place the importance of simplicity and elegance. This watch becomes the representation of continuous innovation of the traditional one. 


  • Gondolo


A combination of abstract lines and a geometric approach best describe the watch. It comes only in gold that was infused with pearl and diamond. 

Why choose Patek Philippe as your watch?

Patek Philippe results from high innovation. The way it ensures its quality gives a valid reason it is being patronized. It is an excellent investment to have. The complications it features makes it an ideal one. Though it is expensive, it will give a lasting benefit for you. The materials ensure excellent quality and the appealing style and design it possessed. 


In buying a watch you should take some time to research the product. The importance of having a quality watch is the same as the importance of valuing time. You should not look only after the appeal but the whole structure and component of the watch. To avoid wasting money, be able to choose the right one. In watch, choose Patek Philippe.  Wear your luxury watch everywhere you go and get the best attention from other people. Do not limit yourself from achieving anything you want with your Nautilus. Together, you can have the best experience in luxury and life.

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