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A Complete Guide on Using Hair Straightener

Every woman dreams of having silky and straight tresses. While some have it naturally, others use a hair straightener to achieve it. To that end, a straightener is nothing less than an essential hair styling tool that beautifully transforms the look and appeal of your hair. Apart from straightening the hair strands, it also reduces the frizz and improves the texture. Besides, it also adds shine and smoothness to the hair for a gorgeous look.

Sometimes, it becomes challenging to straighten the hair properly despite using the best-in-class straighteners. This usually happens when one does not correctly use the straightener.

If that’s something you struggle with too, this guide on using hair straighteners the right way is just what you need for that dreamy hair transformation:

Choose a Suitable Straightener

It is crucial to use a straightener that suits your hair type and requirements. Otherwise, it will end up damaging your hair in the long run. When it comes to safety, nothing can beat flat irons.

Likewise, straighteners with ceramic coating are gentle on the hair and add that extra shine to make your tresses look more appealing. Besides, picking the correct size of the straightener also impacts the outcome. For instance, if you have thick, frizzy hair, you may need a wider straightener as compared to someone with fine hair. Broadly, a width in the range of 1” to 1.5” is good enough for most hari types.

Prep the Hair for Straightening

The foremost step is to prep your hair before straightening it. Apart from styling products, environmental stressors such as pollution and dirt can make the hair frizzy, dull, and unmanageable. That is why one must wash the hair using a mild and chemical-free shampoo, followed by a conditioner.

Besides cleansing the hair, it will nourish and hydrate the tresses for a softer and smoother hair texture. This aids the straightener in eliminating frizz.

Ensure That the Hair is Dry

However, before using the flat iron on your hair, make sure the hair is completely dry. Otherwise, it can permanently damage the straightener, thus reducing its effectiveness. Do not use the straightener on damp hair as well. Firstly, towel-dry your hair and then blow-dry it. Begin from the roots to the tips and then comb to remove the tangles.

Use a Heat Protection Spray and Serum

To protect the hair from getting damaged in the process of styling, one must apply a heat protection spray. Then, apply hair serum onto the roots to make them soft and hydrated. Doing so will help you strengthen the hair and keep it safe while straightening.

Follow the Proper Process

Now that your hair is prepped and ready to be styled, you must follow the right process to get the best results. Here are a few steps you need to follow to straighten your hair with maximum safety and efficacy:

  • Divide the hair into multiple sections as it would aid in straightening the hair evenly
  • Set the straightening iron to a suitable temperature as per the length and thickness of your hair
  • Start straighten your strands about an inch from the roots
  • Straighten one section at a time for greater ease and efficiency
  • Repeat the steps for the other sections as well
  • You can use clips for parting and holding your hair for precise sectioning
  • Comb through once you’re finished straightening your hair


Sleek and straight tresses are always in trend as they enhance the appeal of your personality and overall appearance. Indeed, hair straighteners have made the straightening job easier and effortless.

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